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Appeatizers list

  • Mixed vegetable Pakoda$4.50 
  • Multiple fresh vegi. Mixed with spices, chick peas flour & deep fried. (gluten free)
  • vegetable Samosa -$5.00 
  • Cone shape frame and inside smashed potato, green peas, spices & deep fried
  • Everest special appetizer$6.00 
  • One-piece vegetable samosa, 2 pieces chicken paakoda, 4 pieces vegetable pakoda
  • Samosa Chat -$7.00 
  • Chopped vegi. Samosa covered with vegetables along with tamarind, mint sauces & yogurt.
  • Chicken Pakoda$5.00 
  • Chicken meat deeped in chickpeas flour & deep fried. (gluten free)
  • Lamb Samosa -$6.00 
  • Cone shaped frame, minced lamb marinated spices and baked and fried.
  • Pappadum$3.00 
  • Paper thin crispy chick peas roasted in the tandoor. (gluten free)