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Sea Foods List

  • Fish Curry$15.00 
  • Tilapia prepared in a simmering curry sauce. fried. (gluten free)
  • Shrimp Curry$15.00 
  • Shrimp cooked with delicious curry sauce.
  • Shrimp Masala$16.00 
  • Shrimp prepared with creamy sauce and spices.
  • Shrimp korma$16.00 
  • Shrimp prepared with creamy sauce, coconut powder and cashew.
  • Fish Tikka Masala$16.00 
  • Tilapia cooked with creamy sauce and spices.
  • Fish Vindaloo$15.00 
  • Fish & potato cooked with curry sauce and added sour test.
  • Lobster Masala$25.00 
  • tasty lobster tail cooked with fresh tomato & creamy sauce.